Tiny Kids Zone

Crossword clue fill ctivities, puzzles and exercises which helpful to learn new words for your kids.

  • Match with OppositesMatch with Opposites
  • Count and MatchCount and Match
  • Count The ObjectsCount The Objects
  • Find right slice of fruitsFind right slice of fruits
  • Match the set of objectsMatch the set of objects
  • What food they eatWhat food they eat
  • Meet with MummyMeet with Mummy
  • Match it upMatch it up
  • Counting Matching PuzzleCounting Matching Puzzle
  • Match The Correct ShadowMatch The Correct Shadow
  • Match Animals With HomesMatch Animals With Homes
  • Numbers read and matchNumbers read and match
  • Match Animals with Their NamesMatch Animals with Their Names
  • Match the fruits with their slicesMatch the fruits with their slices
  • Shadow Matching GameShadow Matching Game